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Artistic Woodworking To Create Your Music Box Gift

A Music Box Gift inherently contains mystery, curiosity and allure. Artistic woodworking adds another level of fascination to these gifts. They are uniquely different than all other gifts. As an illustration, I have outlined seven unique features of a quality music box gift on the homepage to help people discover their value and uniqueness.

Allow me to share a personal story. From time to time, I have had opportunities to purchase fine jewelry and lovely artwork and other unusual gifts for my wife. And she has appreciated it. But how much jewelry and art is enough? I like to buy her unusual gifts for sure, gifts that are alternative gifts to jewelry. In my opinion, she now has a substantial collection of both art and jewelry.

Consequently, as birthdays, anniversaries and Christmas came along I just didn't feel that buying her another diamond or art piece demonstrated much creative thought on my part. But not knowing what else to buy her I would fall back on the same gift choice year after year. That is, until I began to create handmade quality gifts; Artwork in wood; which are the custom music box gifts I make in my shop. 

So, I have concluded that if I personally like to give a music box gift for her, then certainly other people would as well.

In like manner, there is a good chance you have experienced the same feelings with a loved one. You have looked and looked for gifts for people who have everything. Gifts for people who are hard to buy for. Last minute birthday gifts. Unusual gifts.

All things considered, isn't it time to show the person you love that you have put some creative thought into the next gift? If so, consider a music box gift for her.

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Inspiration in Artistic Woodworking

Every handcrafted music box gift I make at Especially Walla Walla begins with inspiration and a vision for a design. Since the music box has been around since about 1770, I do not claim to have been the  first craftsman to create a specific design. Most of my inspiration comes from something I have already see. But I then can add my own ideas for all of my artistic wood creations.

In the beginning design stages, a great deal of thought goes into the creation of the music box. And deciding exactly what style and dimensions are best suited for it. Most Important, does the music box movement I prefer work well with this design?

The fact that each one I create is a completely custom handcrafted music box, much thought and care must be taken. For example, I must select the species of hardwood that will best complement the design and by all means produce quality sound. Furthermore, should I use one wood species or two?  Do I want an inlay and marquetry on the lid or none at all? Then, consideration must be given to the trim I will use and the shape of the trim.

Furthermore, I must think about what specific tools are required and the amount of time it takes to complete the project. I will ask myself if I see any challenges with assembly for this design and how to accomplish them. Finally a decision of what finish to use.

Confidence in Excellence

Above all, I must be confident of creating an excellent gift that our customers will desire to own. All things considered, I make a sample product and while creating it, I make slight changes along the way. Once completed I make a thorough review to see if I can make it better. At this point, I decide to produce additional pieces for sale on our website.

In conclusion, you may like to know that my artistic woodworking of handcrafted music box gifts are completed individually. I complete a few at a time in my shop using basic power and hand tools. They are not made on a large factory floor where hundreds of the same design are punched out on a machine by robots. This is where I believe the personal touch has the advantage.

A music box is a great gift idea for any special occasion gifts. Consider also, Last minute Birthday Gifts and last minute wedding gift ideas.

Artistic Wood Creations

Woodworking and artwork in wood comes in many forms. The eye of the beholder is the ultimate factor determining  whether a particular artwork in wood is truly art or just another piece of wood.

Mechanical music did not get its start in a wood box. The art began in 1770 with musical movements being inserted into watches.

The movements became increasingly complex over the next 100 years and by 1880 the best quality musical boxes were placed into a wooden box of rosewood and walnut. These wood boxes amplified the sound much better than other devices and  provided a rich, pure tonal quality beyond what could be achieved in a metal device.

Additionally, these boxes could be easily shaped and carved with artistic woodworking of intricate detail. Most often, the top of the box received the majority of artistic detail.  Boxes would be inlaid with devices of birds, flowers and musical instruments such as pan-pipes, musettes, castanets, cymbals, tambourines, etc."

Today, wood (hardwood) is still the preferred enclosure for a high quality music box movement. Artistic woodworking for the music box has really not changed that much from its beginnings. 

Creating Your Handcrafted Music Box

My interest in working with wood began many years ago in my Jr Hi shop class. One of the first projects my shop teacher had our class make was a simple wooden box. I was intrigued by its simplicity and broad practical usefulness. On this occasion, I must say my first creation was a rather sad example of a box. But what I learned from that first experience was critical to everything I would build in the future.

Artistic Wood Creations

Box Making Simple or Not?

Box making first requires a flat surface and flat square edges on your board. Equally important you must  ensure you have square ends and corners. Then and only then can you be assured that all pieces will fit together perfectly. With this in mind, It is important that you check for squareness all through the project creation.  Because a small error in the beginning won't show up until assembly. A mistake found at that point is very frustrating.

Admittedly, a box is quite simple when you think about it. Boxes come in many sizes and shapes but the typical box comes with four sides, a bottom and a top. As simple as it is, it is one of the most useful items ever created. Its uses are unending.

As I have noted, the box is pretty simple. However, for me, I thoroughly enjoy turning a simple and ordinary box into a work of art. The art of creating a handcrafted music box brings me the reward of satisfaction and pride. In like manner, the recipient receives many years of enjoyment as a result of its beauty and sound.