Collectible Music Box

Collectible Music Boxes. I can think of no other gift or collectible that charms the heart and the way a music box can. They supply enchanting sounds and beautiful features that elevate the human senses of both sight and sound to higher emotion. The music box truly fulfills the seven qualities of the perfect gift.

Similarly, consider how difficult it is, if not impossible, to pass up the chance of playing a collectible music box. Why is that? What is it about collectible gifts like the music box that would motivate someone to collect them?

As an illustration, observe these 32 adjectives to the right that people have used to describe the music box.

  • Fascinating
  • Enchanting
  • Magical
  • Captivating
  • Appealing
  • Exciting
  • Nostalgic
  • Mesmerizing
  • Enjoyable
  • Stimulating
  • Interesting
  • Charming
  • Beautiful
  • Entertaining
  • Irresistible
  • Beguiling
  • Delightful
  • Lovely
  • Desirable
  • Endearing
  • Exotic
  • Intriguing
  • Unique
  • Georgeous
  • Elegant
  • Exquisite
  • Amazing
  • Creative
  • Collectible
  • Artistic
  • Precious
  • Awesome

Holiday Collectibles

What I like most about collectible music boxes is that you really don't have to have a large music box collection to experience the magic.

Indeed, one music box starts the music box collection! But watch out, if you are like many people you will want more. But isn't that what makes collecting enjoyable and fun?

In addition, to collecting for your own enjoyment, the music box is a favorite for gift giving. I enjoy giving them as holiday collectibles and special occasions.

Just because you purchase a music box for someone else, it doesn't mean they are going to start a collection. However, I can tell you that I have purchased several for my sister over the years. Then again, she has never bought one for herself. However, each music box has found a special place of prominence in her home. It seems to me that she has a music box collection. I can't say for sure that she is a collector but I do know she loves them and has expressed her appreciation to me for giving them.

Buy the way, I am not surprised to learn that the music box is very high on the list for  collectible gifts for women. 

Collecting Music Boxes Black Walnut Curved Sides, Flower Marquetry

Should You Collect for Value or for Pure Enjoyment?

Very few people have enough knowledge about antique music boxes to make buying and selling them a profitable venture. It is best to leave this to the experts unless you are willing to invest sufficient time to become an expert yourself.

In my opinion, the collector should possess these treasures for the pure joy and satisfaction of owning them. You can be sure that if you have an antique music box, it will continue to increase in value over time.

Music box history shows that the collectible music box, especially old collectible music boxes do increase in value simply because of the short supply and high demand for these unique items.

That being said, I can tell you that Nidec Sankyo raised the wholesale price of their new 72 note musical movement by 60% in 2020. So even a new high quality music box should increase in value over time.

Antique Music Box

Many collectors consider a collectible music box to be an antique music box when it is 100 years old or older. Another rule of thumb by most experts who collect music boxes believe anything made prior to 1918 as an antique. (before the end of World War I). These are oftentimes called vintage music boxes.

Whether or not you choose an antique music box or a new one, the enjoyment you will receive is almost unmatched by any other collectible gift.

Traditional Music Box

The earliest traditional music box dates back to about 1850. Therefore, these do fall into the category of an antique music box.

The traditional music box, so named by its style, will generally be in the typical rectangular shape. They are the most common music box manufactured today. The custom handcrafted hardwood music boxes I create are considered traditional. 

Why not begin placing collectible music boxes on display in your home today with one of our exquisite handcrafted hardwood music boxes?

For collectible gifts online, you can't beat the value of the gifts in our online store. 

Modern Music Boxes

If you wish to purchase a new, modern music box today, you will find them readily available. Music boxes made of various shapes and materials such as porcelain, glass, metal, and plastic are readily available. These make an excellent collectible music box.

Music Boxes like these are manufactured in large quantities in factories all around the world. On the positive side, all may be collectible music boxes and are exciting to own.

To summarize, many of the music boxes in this category will meet most everyone's budget. Given enough time some may grow in value.

Novelty Music Boxes

Think about an object, most any object, and it is likely that it exists in the form of a novelty music box.

For those on a budget who choose a collectible music box, this category permits you to collect as many as you want.

As an example, I own a photo album, which I purchased in Vietnam in 1965 while serving in the Marine Corps. It contains a simple, inexpensive 18 note musical movement that plays when the cover is opened.

Accordingly, If you wish to provide someone with fun, collectible gifts consider this. Novelty music boxes are unique and inexpensive. You will find thousands of reasonably priced music box gifts in this category.

Music Box Definition

When it comes to the collectible music box, a proper definition is very important.

The Musical Box Society International is an excellent source of information on the music box. Their definition of the term music box is as follows. "A popular term covering all types of automatically played musical machines, from small table-top instruments that use a cylinder or disc to play tunes on a steel comb, to large orchestrions and carousel organs, which have the musical capability of a symphony orchestra or a military band.

Between these extremes are dozens of mechanical music-makers, including reproducing pianos, automatic violin-playing machines, clocks with musical attachments, musical toys and novelties, the familiar player piano, and many more." End quote.

You can still find music boxes for sale that fit into every category described above.

Gilbert Bahl, in his book Music Boxes, The collector's guide to selecting, restoring, and enjoying new and vintage music boxes, suggests the following definition. "It may be easier to say what should not be included in the category as follows: The term music box is not used to describe a system that plays back pre-recorded music - by the tape recorder, for example - nor music that is non-mechanical - computer-generated sounds." End quote.

The Perfect Gift

How do you find the perfect gift? Whether you want a collectible music box for yourself, or are giving a gift, remember this.

There are Seven Unique Features of the music box  that qualify it as the Perfect Gift as shown below.

Appeals to the eye

Pleasing to the Ear

Desire to Touch

Induces our Emotion

Recalls Our Memories


Appeals To All Ages

These unique features  come together in beautiful harmony to make owning these special gifts an emotional experience that will never be forgotten.

I don't know of any other gift that satisfies all seven features.

Ask yourself, what is the primary purpose of your decision to give any gift or collectible? Isn't it to provide a unique experience for that special person? An experience that says, I care about you.

Perhaps an experience that is likely to have the recipient showing their gratitude to you in return. Or an experience that will always hold a special memory that will come flooding back into their mind the instant they see the gift, no matter how far in the future.

What more could anyone want in a gift?