Music Box Disclosures

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Privacy Policy

Because your privacy is important to you, it is important to us.

At Especially Walla Walla, your privacy is a top priority. We are committed to being a good steward of your Personal Information, handling it responsibly, and securing it with administrative, technical, and physical safeguards. Be assured that we believe in being honest, direct, and transparent regarding your information.

Inventory Orders

All "Music Boxes" in our inventory will be shipped immediately (within 24 hrs) with the music movement you select upon receipt of payment


Our handcrafted solid wood music boxes and the Sankyo 72 note music movement are made to the highest standards and are warranted free of defects. Especially Walla Walla provides a limited one year warranty for defects in workmanship. This warranty will be satisfied by an exchange of the music box or the music movement as described below under "Return for Exchange".

There are no express or implied warranties, conditions and obligations of Especially Walla Walla, whether statutory or otherwise, that extend beyond what is stated herein.

Return For Exchange

We do not accept merchandise returns for a cash refund. Returns for an exchange of merchandise will be considered on an individual basis and apply only to claims of defective music movements and / or music boxes.

Especially Walla Walla will support and assist our customer with an exchange if you should have a defective music box or a Sankyo music movement.

A detailed explanation for your exchange request will be required along with photo evidence in order for us to properly evaluate your claim.

We may require a written verification from a professional horologist (Clock Repair Specialist) in order to facilitate the exchange of a defective music movement.

A return for exchange authorization number is required before an item may be returned for exchange.

We desire to have happy customers and we are confident you will be completely satisfied with your music box.

Each of our hand crafted music boxes has been made especially for you in Walla Walla, Washington with skilled craftsmanship.

The Sankyo 72 note music movement is the finest in the industry. Your movement is carefully placed in your music box using specific technical instructions from Sankyo then tested to ensure perfect working condition before shipping it to you.

We take great care in packaging the music box for shipment to ensure it arrives safely.

Exchange Process: Notify us within three (3) days of receipt of your music box by email at [email protected] and provide a detailed explanation for your exchange request. If an exchange is approved we will provide you with an exchange authorization number and specific information to return and exchange your music box and movement. Merchandise must be returned in the original packaging it was shipped in.

Damaged Package or Merchandise Policy

As a courtesy to our customers we provide free Priority Mail shipping via the United States Postal Service (USPS) to all addresses.

We also insure your package for full value as allowed by the USPS.

Important! Restrictions by some world destinations may limit our ability to ship.

The policy of Especially Walla Walla (the shipper) is to have our customer (the recipient) control the damaged merchandise claim process.

If your package or merchandise is damaged in shipment, be sure to document the damage with notes and a photo. The USPS will require proof of purchase (Your Receipt) to file a claim.

Contact us by email at [email protected] within three (3) days of receipt of delivery.  We will promptly provide you with the USPO shipping receipt so you may begin the claims process with the USPS.

The USPS requires the (Recipient) to retain the damaged article and the container (including packaging, wrapping, and any other contents received) until the claim is fully resolved.

Upon written request by the USPS, the (Recipient)  must turn the materials over to a Post Office for inspection, retention, and disposition following the claims decision.

Filing a claim with the USPS.

There are two options to file a domestic insurance claim. You may file a claim online, or you may have a Domestic Claim form mailed to you. Proof of value and proof of insurance is required.