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How may I listen to the music tunes?

Sankyo 72 Note Music Movement

You may listen to our inventory of tunes directly from this website. click here and choose the music tune you wish to hear. 

Then when purchasing the box of your choice simply select your favorite tune.

What is your competition charging for the same music box and 72 note movement that you sell?

Our boxes are high quality, unique and  one-of-a-kind. But speaking generally, prices we have seen for the music box of similar quality with the 72 note movement range from $2,800 to $5,200.

You may review and compare pricing and quality of seven of our most competitive online music stores on our home page.

We have free shipping and insurance.

It is common to find that the lower priced boxes are constructed of Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF) or a low density hardwood such as poplar. (Low Janka Hardness Rating)

There is often a wide difference in price between the Sankyo and Reuge Companies 72 note music movements with Sankyo being considerably less expensive. We believe that Reuge is significantly over priced. A close comparison of the two 72 note products bring us to the conclusion that they are at least equal in quality.

Keep in mind the old saying, "You get what you pay for".

How does the quality of your music box compare to your competitors?

See the home page for more details of the "Ten Critical Things You Should Expect In A Quality Music Box."

First, all music boxes made by Especially Walla Walla are  individually handcrafted a few at a time with skilled craftsmanship. The competitions box may be manufactured in a large factory where multiple boxes of the same type are produced.

Second, we use only domestic and exotic solid hardwoods for our music boxes.. The competitions box may look nice but it could be made of a softer wood and possibly from MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) then covered with an attractive Burl Veneer.

Third, the bottom of our boxes have a thickness between 3/16 to 1/4 inch which is the desired thickness to produce the best sound resonance / tone quality. The competitions box may use a thicker bottom which can diminish the sound quality.

Fourth, you will notice that all of our boxes come with custom cut trim and feet. Many of our competitions boxes have no trim and simple metal pegs for feet.

Fifth, our lid joinery is both tongue and groove and mitered. The box corners are mitered and the bottom resonator board is edge dadoed. The competitions boxes vary in construction.

Sixth, our box hinges are made of 1/8 inch solid brass and are coated with a clear lacquer finish. The competitions box may have thin steel hinges with tint screws that are brass plated.

Finally, our finish coat for the box is five layers of clear satin Lacquer. The competitions box may have a different finish with fewer coats.

Why are the Sorrento Italy Jewelry / Music Boxes less expensive?

The Sorrento Italy Box is a good box and it produces a good sound. We can offer the Sorrento Italy Jewelry / music boxes at a lower price for the following reasons.

  1. Multiple boxes of the same style are made in large quantity in Italy. In contrast, our custom boxes are made a few at a time in the USA.
  2. We purchase a large quantity of the Italian boxes to receive a lower price. Then converted them into a Jewelry / Music box in our shop.
  3. The music movement is an inexpensive 18 note with a choice of two tunes. Blue Danube and Green Sleeves.
  4. Music boxes made by especially Walla Walla use Exotic and Domestic hardwoods with a high hardness rating to produce the best sounds. Our boxes range between 1,000 and 3,000 on the hardness scale. These hardwoods can be quite expensive. The mahogany boxes from Sorrento are at the lower hardness range of 1,070.
  5. Their box style requires no trim with the exception of a trimmed out lid. And our boxes do, requiring much more time to craft and assemble.
  6.  Sorrento lids contain a center core of MDF, underside of mahogany plywood and trimmed with Mahogany. Then wrapped with a 1 mm burl wood veneer marquetry. In contrast, our lids are made up of five seperate solid wood pieces in a style and rail (tongue and groove) method which is labor intensive.
  7. Hinges for the Italian Boxes are steel piano hinges with a brass coating. Our hinges are solid 1/8 inch brass which add much more cost.
  8. Their box feet are metal pegs while ours are custom wood requiring more labor to create and install.
  9. The bottom resonator board is plywood on the Italian boxes. Especially Walla Walla hand crafts our own solid hardwood bottom. This again is very labor intensive and produces the best sound.
  10. Since we believe the Sorrento boxes to be of lesser quality and value than our custom boxes we have chosen to install the 18 note Sankyo movement and include a Jewelry section making this highly competitive in the marketplace. 

The majority of the boxes sold in the marketplace today are made similar to the Italian boxes. So they are more affordable. If you like the way they look you should buy one.

See also, "what you should expect in a quality music box" on our home page.

How and when will my Music Box be shipped?

Shipping is by the USPO Priority Mail 2-3 days and is free for all destinations.

We also provide free insurance for full value for all music boxes when permitted by the USPS.

All of the boxes currently shown on the site are in stock and will ship within 24 hours of placing your order.

How do I clean my music Box?

Dust your music box with a soft clean cloth as you would in your normal course of cleaning.

Do not use liquid cleaners as it may affect the lacquer finish. You may apply a small amount of carpenters finishing wax (like minwax) and buff it off if you wish.

Use a glass cleaner on the protective covering.

Does my music box require regular maintenance?

The musical movement does not require regular maintenance. However, after many years of use, maintenance could be necessary.

With this in mind, any maintenance that involves touching the musical movement should be performed by a qualified horology (clock) technician.

What are the terms of your warranty?

Our handcrafted solid wood music boxes and the Sankyo 72 note music movement have a 1 year limited warranty for defects in workmanship.

We do not accept returns for cash refund. Exchanges are allowed only in the case of a defective music box or music movement.

For more details please review the disclosures page on our website.

Why don't you allow returns!

Firstly, quality handcrafted music boxes and 72 note music movements such as those we offer can be easily damaged when not handled properly.

Secondly, we are careful to ensure that your music box is in perfect working condition before we ship it to you.

Thirdly, the music box is packaged securely and double boxed to limit any damage in shipping. We also insure the music box for full value with the USPS when permitted by USPS.

Fourthly, once the music box leaves our shop, you understand that we cannot be responsible for how it is treated before being returned. This is a big risk to our business.

Lastly, we are aware that some people may have buyer's remorse and we do believe it is fair to others to return those products to our inventory as it has now become a used product.

Miscellaneous Information

The above are our music box FAQS.

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