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Look No Further, You Found Us

You have found our music box online store! You no longer need to ask, where can I buy a music box Gift? But you say, it's just not any music box I'm looking for, but a music box gift that was carefully handmade. One having superb sound resonance and tonal quality.

Congratulations, You Found it!

Made Especially For You

We can assure you that each custom music box gift has been made especially for you in Walla Walla, Washington with skilled craftsmanship.

Special attention is given to every detail to ensure you enjoy the music and the box for many years to come. Custom wood music boxes for sale on our web site will exceed your expectations for structural integrity, artistic beauty and purity of sound. These are exquisite music boxes!

You will be pleased to know that all of our Custom Handcrafted music boxes are made of quality domestic and exotic hardwoods. Each one is equipped with your choice of a deluxe Sankyo 72 note Orpheus music movement.

See our page titled "The Perfect Gift" to know the ten unique qualities you should expect in a custom hardwood music box.

The uniting of our quality music box with the Sankyo 72 note movement truly provides the highest quality sound resonance for your listening pleasure.

Sankyo 72 note movement is the finest in the industry. Your movement is carefully placed in your music box using specific technical instructions from Sankyo Japan. It is thoroughly tested to ensure perfect working condition before shipping it to you.

Made One-At-A-Time

Not every music box gift shop carries handmade hardwood music boxes. Why is that? Primarily because they are, for the most part, now being mass produced in a factory somewhere.

You can learn more about how they are being built today in our page titled Hardwoods. You will have to search far and wide to find a music box store such as ours where exquisite music boxes are made one-at-a-time in an independent  small town shop.

Great care is taken in packaging your custom music box gift for shipment. We ship FREE to all destinations. In addition we provide FREE insurance for full value as permitted by the USPS.

Need Some Help Choosing?

Having trouble choosing? Take time to review our notes of "what  to expect in a quality music box" on the home page. Then compare our quality boxes to the seven best online music box competitors thru links I have provided.

Whether you are looking for a music box gift for her (the one you love) or for anyone else, shop music box gifts on our website for a perfect gift choice.

Music Box Photography is by Brianna Cate Photography of Walla Walla, WA.