Sorrento Italy Jewelry Music Box Mahogany with Walnut Burl Veneer and Arabesque Artwork 18 note



Italian Musical Jewelry Box. Sankyo 18 note Music Movement in the Italian Jewelry music box from Sorrento Italy. It has been handcrafted in mahogany hardwood . The box is solid mahogany. The lid is MDF framed in Mahogany. Both the box and lid have a 1 mm walnut burl veneer covering. The marquetry is 1 mm solid wood marquetry of Arabesque. This box features Black felt bottom and ring holder, eyecatcher, mitered joinery, Burl Veneer, clear lacquer satin finish, brass coated piano hinge, framed glass cover to protect the movement, and winding key under the bottom. The Box measures 10-1/4 L x 6-1/4 W x 3-1/2 H and weighs 2.4 lbs. Mahogany is a tropical hardwood. The grain is mostly straight but sometimes wavy with a fine uniform texture. The color is golden to dark reddish brown. It has a janka hardness rating of 1,070.


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Sankyo 18 note Music Movement in the Sorrento Italy series handcrafted mahogany hardwood Jewelry music box.