Sankyo Music Box 72 Note Movements Orpheus Series

Unmatched Sound Quality

Sankyo Music Box Company produces the finest music box movements in the industry. The Sankyo 72 Note Music Box movement has the fullest tonal music richness of any other movement for your listening pleasure.

Their founder, Sankyo Seiki, has defined Japan's history of musical movement production for more than half a century.  Japan’s largest manufacturer of music movements is Nidec Sankyo.

Sankyo named the luxurious Music Box series "Orpheus". This series includes the 30, 50, 72 and 100 multi-note deluxe music box movements. The series was named after a legendary hero of Greek mythology "Orpheus" who was said to be endowed with superhuman musical skills.

In the front of each of our custom music boxes is an on-off switch.  Sankyo created a limited addition switch that had a shape similar to a Lyre or Harp which Sankyo named "Lyra". This switch was available for a limited time when the 72 note musical movements were first introduced. It is no longer available.

According to Wikipedia, "in Greek mythology, Lyra represents the lyre of Orpheus made by Hermes from a tortoise shell, given to Apollo as a bargain. It was said to be the first lyre ever produced. Orpheus's music was acclaimed to be so great that even inanimate objects such as trees, streams and rocks could be charmed."

Sankyo 72 Note Music Box Movement in the Osage Orange with full Black Trim

Nidec Sankyo Company

"The Sankyo Music Box Company's slogan is "All for dreams"

Nidec Sankyo Corporation's headquarters is in Suwa Japan where it was founded in 1946.

Their expansion in manufacturing now includes research and development, Manufacturing and Sales of Motors, Motor Drive Units, Industrial Robots, Card Readers, Sensors, Precision Ball Screws, Plastic Molded Parts and of course, the Sankyo Music Box Movements.

In the year 2022 the company had 12,800 employees and had a capital value of $260,729,948 US dollars.

Features And Function

The Sankyo 72 note Musical Movements have a five-octave range and plays for as long as 5 minutes on a single winding. Subsequently, the stopper lever automatically stops the mechanism at the end of the tune unless the release knob is engaged. Thereby, allowing for continuous play. Each Sankyo 72 note music box movement produces a very deep sound true to its name.

The Japanese craftsmen perfected a "needling" technology that had been used by skilled craftsmen of Europe from the 19th century.

Their needling technique consists of driving needles into the cylinder of the Japan music box movement. Notes play across the cylinder allowing the movement to play multiple tracks of two or three 40 to 45 second long songs or one long song.

The Sankyo Japan Music Box Movement has been individually precision-machined, assembled, and adjusted for optimal musical performance and satisfaction. The spring structure, time-controlling multiplying gear, and the governor, in particular, have been manufactured and finished with the greatest of care.



The Sankyo music box 72 Note Orpheus Series Music Movement weighs 2 pounds and measure 7.48 inches wide x 2.95 inches deep x 1.378 inches high. (190 mm W x 75 mm D x 35 mm H)

Note: Especially Walla Walla has chosen to offer the Sankyo 72 note Orpheus Series Music Movement exclusively over all other movements for our own custom handcrafted hardwood music boxes.

We will accept special orders with the 100 note movement with 50% paid upfront. Send an email request. We do not provide the 23 note, 30 note, or 50 note Sankyo at this time, nor do we provide any other brands.

We have chosen to use the 18 note Sankyo music movement in our Italian Sorrento Jewelry music boxes. This allows us to offer a low cost option in a quality box. We have pre-installed two different tunes. Blue Danube and Green Sleeves.

However, once you have seen and listened to the superb sounds the Sankyo 72 note movement creates, you will not want to settle for anything less. These movements truly reach their potential for sound quality when they are paired with our exquisite, custom handcrafted hardwood music boxes.

Although our custom boxes are made in the USA, you could say we have the Japan Music Box in our Japan gifts online shop. That's because we use Japan's expensive music box movement in our boxes.