Do Not Handle Your Music Box Movement

Care And Maintenance

We produce an amazing music box. It comes with a protective cover to minimize dust and other airborne contaminants that could negatively affect the sound quality and shorten the 72 note movement life.

Even the best music box will have some parts of the movement susceptible to corrosion.  Our body's perspiration contains oils, salts, and acids that can promote corrosion and will affect the mechanism if touched.

Besides, high humidity could affect the instrument’s life. It is common to see old musical movements that have some rust, and many no longer play well because of corrosion.

The Sankyo 72 Note Orpheus Series Music Movement does not require routine maintenance. However, after many years of use, care could be necessary. Any maintenance should be performed by a qualified horology (clock) technician. Simply treating the music box gently and keeping the box clean will eliminate a trip to the repair shop.

Never attempt to make adjustments or modify any part or parts of the movement. While the mounting bolts are visible and accessible under the bottom of the music box on the resonator board, it is important that you do not attempt to tighten or adjust them. Because they have been tightened to a critical 8.7 lb. inch with a miniature torque wrench to ensure proper tone quality.

Sankyo 72 note Orpheus Movement in our high end handcrafted African Dark Mahogany Music Box.

Handle With Care

If you should have a reason (I can't think of one) to open the protective cover, be sure to touch nothing except the cast base plate on the bottom of the movement.

When handling the base, it is advisable to wear cotton gloves to prevent oil transfer from your skin. Keep in mind that the 72 note movement weighs two pounds. So do not allow it to slip out of your hands. Cotton gloves can be slick too, so use a tight grip.

And if you accidentally touch the comb, you can gently brush a small amount of clock oil on it with a small paintbrush. The cylinder pins, the comb "teeth," the gears, and the governor assembly are very delicate and can be damaged easily. So be careful.

Keep all lubricants such as 3-In-One, or WD-40, and other oils that contain solvents away from the black, rubber-like governor. In particular, these oils will severely damage it and the finish as well.

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